Tank Chess (reprint)

Created by Forsage Games

Outsmart your opponent and destroy their forces in this diceless tactical tank battle game!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production announcement + earlier shipping!
8 months ago – Mon, Jun 26, 2023 at 11:02:07 AM

Hi, everyone,

Not much to go until the end!

While we are eagerly waiting to see the results of your vote for the next stretch goal in hope it would be reached before the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we have some important news: after some talks with our collaborators, we have established a general production schedule, according to which the first pledges would be shipped months early, during the fall of 2023!

As some of you probably know, most parts of the production process, as well as the full assembly, are done in our workshop, which is also the point of pickup for the UPS courier in order to get your order directly to your doorstep. This is important because the most efficient way for us to optimize the production for this project is to manufacture components in phases, then do the assembly of batches of one particular set at a time, and then dispatch them before getting to another version or set.

That being said, the reprint of the Tank Chess and Fun Set in Standard size will take place during the summer, which means that, if everything goes according to plan, the backers who ordered just the two or just one of the two would get their pledge in early fall. After that, the production of the Portable version will take place, then Extended, and after that, Fun Set Plus and Airborne expansions will be produced. After each production phase, we will ship the orders that have been completed in the meantime. We will update you regularly on the production status, and everyone will get a timely notice about their shipment in particular.

Hope you like the news! Now, back to getting that extra vehicle!

P.S. In the next update, we will present a preliminary list of add-ons available in the pledge manager.

The reference cards stretch goal has been reached! Now, it's time for another vehicle: VOTE NOW and get your favorite at $32000!
8 months ago – Sun, Jun 25, 2023 at 01:45:09 PM

Hi, everyone!

If nobody told you lately, you are awesome! We can't thank you enough for your tremendous support, and for helping us make this game even better! Thanks to you, individual piece reference cards have become a part of the set!

As for the next stretch goal, at $32000, we have more pieces awaiting to make their way into the Fun Set Plus.  Like previously, your votes will decide which of the two options will become a part of this expansion, and the contenders are Light Tank Destroyer and Remote-controlled Bomb!

Don't hesitate to vote in comments and increase the chance for your favorite to win. Also, don't forget we're only a few days away from the end of the Kickstarter campaign, so there is not much time if you want to get another piece into the Fun Set Plus before the Kickstarter campaign ends.

Vote now!  

Fun Set
8 months ago – Sat, Jun 24, 2023 at 10:31:57 AM

The Fun Set expansion keeps a special place amongst the Tank Chess expansions and add-ons. It was originally featured during the first Kickstarter campaign, where it was in great demand, it received excellent feedback afterward, and has been a success since. It regularly accompanies the base game, as around 80% of Tank Chess players have obtained it at some point.

However, the main reason we keep this expansion so close to heart is the fact that it got its final shape during the first Kickstarter campaign, thanks to our amazing community. We intended the expansion to feature far fewer tanks, and it got expanded with the help of our backers, who suggested several additions in the form of new vehicles and features.

Therefore, Fun Set, as a content expansion, encompasses an astounding variety of pieces and obstacle types that ensures not a single game you play has to feature the same pieces twice, not to mention the infinite number of custom obstacle setups. You can really put your mind and imagination to work when creating custom battlefields and that way give life to the black and white squared board with different-colored obstacles. With only a few rules regarding the positional setup, you are free to let your imagination fly and create some of the most memorable sceneries for your epic encounters.

There are 14 new types of vehicles featured within the Fun Set, that account for 44 pieces in total. These are: Super-heavy Tank, Tank Hunter, Assault Tank, Amphibian, Recon Tank, Light Mortar, Heavy Howitzer, Light Howitzer, Minesweeper Tank, Heavy Bulldozer, Bridge Tank, Recovery vehicle, Rocket Launcher, and Twin-gun Tank. Each vehicle is different from the rest, and some of them add special mechanics to the gameplay. On top of that, there are 5 new obstacle types, each with unique properties: low obstacles, hedges, water, trees, and mud. Finally, an extra level of variety is added thanks to two types of mines, that can introduce an aspect of the game not present in the base game.

All this variety is already displayed on the custom setups presented in the Fun Set brochure that comes with the rulebook. These items allow for more asymmetrical setups and scenarios compared to the base game, so you can play out almost anything that comes to mind on the Tank Chess board.

The core principles are the same as in the base game, but the possibilities with Fun Set are endless. Game on!

Tank Chess: Extended - preview
9 months ago – Thu, Jun 15, 2023 at 01:26:56 PM

As you know, in this reprint campaign, we are also presenting new Tank Chess content. In the Update #4, we presented the travel-friendly TC: Portable set, while this update will be dedicated to its opposite, Tank Chess: Extended.

The main features of Tank Chess: Extended are the large board and the presence of additional tank pieces, compared to the base game set.

As all the other ones, the 24x24 board is double-sided: one side contains the basic obstacle setup, while the other contains just the empty square grid, for placing the cardboard obstacles provided in the set, in order to create a custom setup from the brochure or a completely new one, according to your own ideas and preferences.

The playing area can be made smaller by using the border surfaces, also provided in the set, so you can create boards in sizes corresponding to the other Tank Chess sets.

During a game of Tank Chess, several phases can be observed. Depending on the board size, and the forces chosen, they can be manifested very differently; on bigger boards, and in games that involve more pieces, each phase, in general, consists of more turns, compared to games on smaller boards. The Extended board is the largest one there is, so the phases can even be observed as containing various subphases, depending on the particular game and strategies employed. The preparation phase, in which the pieces take up positions behind cover near the middle of the board, is made longer by the fact that the pieces are further apart and that there are more obstacles to hide behind, so the first engagement usually doesn’t happen in the first few turns (except in cases of serious carelessness). The engagement phase happens when the lines of battle are well-defined. It is usually characterized by frequent casualties, a lot of tactical maneuvering, and changes in initiative. On the Extended board, this phase is in most cases prolonged by the fact that the battles are fought all over the place, so there is a lot of regrouping and shifting the focus in search for supremacy in various areas of the board. In the endgame, usually, the number of surviving tanks is extremely reduced, and the focus is fully on the Command Tanks: either creating a pathway for their escape, or closing down on them in order to eliminate them.

In total, games on the 24x24 sq. board last longer, as they require thorough thinking and calculation at every stage. In general, taking suitable positions for your strategy in the first phase can be of crucial importance for the outcome of the game, but in this case, there is more space (and in-game time) for the pieces to regroup. More pieces to start with mean more newly-created obstacles later on, when those are destroyed, and their placement can have a deciding effect on the outcome of the game. The escape takes several turns on a board this large, so having the obstacles that benefit you instead of your opponent surely makes the ultimate task easier. Also, we advise you to dedicate more table space for Extended games, in order to play comfortably, and to allocate enough time for longer-lasting engagements with a lot of tactical outwitting.

Regarding the pieces, in addition to LTs, MTs, HTs, TDs, and HMs, that are found in the base game, as well as in the TC: Portable, the TC Expanded set also contains Super Heavy Tanks, Recon Tanks, Heavy Bulldozers, and Light Howitzers in each color. All of these pieces, except for Heavy Mortars (due to their limited shooting range), are featured on the basic 24x24 setup, and the wide piece choice makes custom games unique. The additional pieces are provided in 4 colors, so if you have the base game or just standard pieces, you can play a full 4-player game.

Tank Chess: Extended is available at a promotional price of $46 during the campaign, while later in retail it will be priced at $55. Don’t miss it!

Another stretch goal reached! But, it's a TIE?! Next one: REFERENCE CARDS at $26000!
9 months ago – Tue, Jun 13, 2023 at 06:10:00 AM

Hi, everyone!

With your help, we have reached the stretch goal limit of $20000! Thank you so much once again for believing in us and supporting this game!

However, after multiple recounts, we’ve established that your voting for the next piece that will enter the Fun Set Plus has resulted in a TIE! So, we have decided to prolong the voting period for 24 hours, until June 14th, 15:00 CET. Only the backers who still haven’t voted for this stretch goal have the right to vote, and in case of another tie, the first vote that arrives after the deadline will decide the winner. So, please, continue voting in comments on the UPDATE #3 to help your favorite.

Now, it is time to announce the next stretch goal. We will take a break from voting and new pieces, but for a good reason.

You probably know that all sets come with reference tables that contain all values of all the tanks in the set, for a quick comparison. Now, however, with the addition of many new tanks in the Fun Set Plus and the Airborne expansions, you have, basically, infinite possibilities for creating custom matchups, so one reference table might not be the most useful in case you want a quick reminder of a particular tank’s characteristics.

Because of that, and thanks to our awesome community who come to us with many great suggestions, we have decided to introduce individual reference cards for all vehicles. Each set will contain cards for the vehicles represented within, one per color, and below are the examples of cards for the base game pieces. The new stretch goal is set at $26000. Let's make this one happen too!